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Criteria for considering potential investments from Simula Innovation

Simula can offer to invest in promising entrepreneurial companies. In order to evaluate suitable candidates for investment, Simula considers the technical aspects of the product as well as the company's commercial risk and business opportunities.

Investment guidelines

When approaching a company for potential investment, Simula Innovation AS (SI) will target companies that are in accord with the below guidelines. All the company setups in which Simula has been involved have been quite different, each with its own particular history; hence, the guidelines tend to be guiding rather than absolute. These guidelines are intended to help boost the success rate in terms of financial growth and returns. 

Investment: Services

Guidelines for investments, due diligence and exits

Please read the documents below for a detailed overview of Simula Innovations guidelines and strategy before, during and after an investment has taken place. This includes our criteria for investing in companies, technical and commercial due diligence and how we exit our portfolio companies. 

Investment: Tekst
Investment: Tekst
Investment: FAQ
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